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Supporting young authors

Supporting young authors

The Hotel le Relais de la Malmaison is not only a haven of peace and greenery where you can rest and relax just a few kilometres from Paris. It is also an inspiring place where the works of artists are regularly showcased, as was the case with the sculptures of Catherine Bosramier and Gérard Prado and the paintings of Christian Gorget. The Relais de la Malmaison team also sees and experiences itself as a big family. It is therefore only natural that we encourage all our talents, especially those of the youngest. This is why today we wanted to present to you the book written by a member of our team, Tim Toshow, entitled Le Vaisseau de la Vie (The Ship of Life).

The talents of the Relais de la Malmaison team

There are those you will meet during your stay, such as our concierge and our receptionists, our team in the restaurant and, undoubtedly, our experts in the Spa. And then there are those who work to make your stay perfect and whom you tend not to bump into, like our gardeners, our chambermaids and our kitchen staff in the restaurant Les Terrasses du Relais. Among them, there are talents that we wish to highlight, especially if they are among the youngest. Thus, Tim Toshow, just 21 years old and a valued member of the Relais de la Malmaison team, has just published his first book. Proud of him and passionate about his work, we wanted to present it to you here.


Le Vaisseau de la Vie: embark on an adventure full of wisdom

A true initiatory journey, Le Vaisseau de la Vie combines science fiction and philosophy to lead us into a deep reflection on self-discovery and happiness. Mixing the intimate, the father who speaks to his son, with the general, the spiritual father of a generation who invites you to introspection, Tim has the reader embark on a voyage of discovery to five planets within the cosmos. Love, friendship, self-confidence, resources, dreams; each planet symbolises a stage of life, a transcendent experience which goes beyond the simple biographical story to become universal. Characterised by a light touch but brimming with personality, each page is an adventure and a realisation. Let us salute the efforts of the author, who made this work his personal and intimate project, from the creation of the story and its writing to the editing, design of the cover and proofreading. A great lesson in life and artistic maturity for a valued member of our team!


Get your copy of Le Vaisseau de la Vie

The entire Relais de la Malmaison team supports our young author. This is why you can easily find information about this book from our staff, at reception and elsewhere. You can also obtain it by scanning the QR Code located at the bottom of this article. It will take you to the page of the online sales platform from which it is available. Finally, please feel free to follow the accounts of the author, Tim Toshow, on the social networks so you can keep up with all his news. And, who knows, maybe you will be able to meet him during your next stay at the Hotel Le Relais de la Malmaison, where he continues to work.


Take advantage of your stay a few kilometres from Paris, at the Relais de la Malmaison, and discover a talented young author: Tim Toshow. Le Vaisseau de la Vie can accompany you to our indoor swimming pool or to your room with a view of the park... and perhaps you will meet its author, who we are so proud to have in our team!


Photo : Relais de la Malamaison & gankevstock

 Relais de la Malmaisonan exceptional setting near Paris

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