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Relay loves his planet

Relay loves his planet

It’s possible to provide a comfortable hotel with all the necessary amenities and not neglect the protection of the environment. The Hotel Relais de la Malmaison is proof of this. Located in the heart of a green space covering ​​two hectares, this hotel implements various ecologically sound measures while maintaining the satisfaction of its guests.


A place of greenery

Our spa hotel, where prestige and ecology combine, is located between woodland and the Seine just 15 minutes from the capital. Once installed in one of our 60 inviting rooms, you will have plenty of opportunity to observe the loveliness of nature that surrounds you. Don’t be surprised by any of the greenery you encounter, as the hotel has installed plants that are particularly efficient at absorbing hydrocarbons. The aim is to purify the air naturally. In tandem with the previously established vegetation on the site - a green space of more than 2 hectares along with a 9 hole golf course - these plants cleanse the soil but also the air via phytodegradation.


Our approach to water conservation

Obviously, a spa hotel consumes a lot of water. A heated swimming pool, hammam, hot tub, jacuzzi and sauna can quickly become a drain on nature. Thus we have installed rainwater harvesting systems so we can offer all the necessary comforts to our customers without imposing on the environment. We also use a wastewater collection system. This system, when assimilated with geothermal energy, allows us to consume less energy derived from other sources.

Concerning the hotel’s water consumption, we have set up a partnership with Aquachiara, a company specialising in water microfiltration. Established in 2007 in Paris, Aquachiara was inspired by the difficulties encountered by certain Mediterranean islands in obtaining suitable and easily accessible drinking water. Their solution? Microfiltration. Thanks to this system, water that is originally unfit for consumption becomes pure and delicious. The water used by our hotel is therefore ‘zero kilometres’, as it is produced in situ. When you realise that a bottle of water can travel up to 1000 km from source to consumer, you can easily understand how our system minimises the impact on the environment. The water is collected on site and then submitted to a process approved by the Ministry of Health. Microfiltration at 0.3 microns makes it possible to obtain table water with all impurities removed, yet which retains the mineral salts our bodies require. The company works only with noble and recyclable materials. Waste is reduced to the maximum because Aquachiara supplies the containers, which are infinitely reusable. By cutting unnecessary packaging, the company has participated in the reduction of the number of bottles of water used to 30 million for the year 2015. We are proud to offer high quality water to our guests while protecting the environment and promoting sustainability. The filtered water is regularly checked and has all the required certifications. You can also enjoy high-quality sparkling water either in our gourmet restaurant, in the bar or in your room.



Gastronomy, comfort and ecology

The protection of the environment involves a complementary and holistic approach. An example of our hotel’s commitment to these principles is that we have set up a partnership with a beekeeper who has installed five hives in the park, allowing our guests the opportunity to enjoy fresh, delicious and 100% natural honey. And that’s not all. Each day, the hotel’s waste is sorted and we exclusively use low consumption light bulbs, work with environmentally friendly suppliers and promote recyclable products. Finally, because we can never do enough to protect our planet, our staff help to raise the consciousness of our guests regarding ecological problems.


Le Relais de La Malmaison, a 4 star hotel at the heart of Rueil-Malmaison, a few steps from Paris

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