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New at the Spa; our facial care treatment and sponsorship offer

New at the Spa; our facial care treatment and sponsorship offer

The Relais de la Malmaison Spa, a welcoming haven of wellness amidst a green setting, provides you with soothing and serene moments of relaxation and pampering. We invite you to discover the new Sothys facial care treatment. This is 80 minutes of absolute pleasure that will help to combat the harmful effects of stress and pollution on your face. And because a pleasure is even better when shared, we have put together a sponsorship offer that you can use to benefit the people of your choice.


Stress, fatigue and pollution; the eternal enemies of your face

Do you feel as though the imprint of pollution, fatigue, stress and all manner of tensions can be read on your face? Do you think your environment is polluted or that you simply need a relaxing break? From a scientific point of view, pollution, stress and fatigue can change the appearance of the skin and cause it to age prematurely. Stress is also responsible for the phenomenon of glycation, causing what is sometimes referred to as ‘caramelisation of organic proteins’. Basically, this means that if you’re stressed or fatigued, your skin can suffer, and wrinkles may appear. The effect is accentuated when dark circles beneath your eyes add to your exhausted appearance...


Oxygen; an essential fuel for the skin

When your microcirculation is bad, vasoconstriction is created at the skin tissue level, slowing down the passage of oxygen. Combined with the phenomenon of glycation of cutaneous proteins, it results in a worn and tired complexion that is much less aesthetically pleasing, we’re sure you’ll agree, than that fresh and vibrant look synonymous with youth.

At the Spa we have the solution to remedy such inconveniences. Take the opportunity to try the new Sothys facial care treatment. Designed to stimulate micro-circulation and restore skin tone, it gives new life to your skin. Re-oxygenated, your skin can breathe again and gets its energy back. The skincare components are specifically designed to boost the skin’s oxygen supply.


A detox and depolluting treatment that gives your skin a pure wellbeing experience

This facial treatment, the latest from Spa by Sothys, has been designed to energise the cells of your skin and help them defend themselves in all circumstances against the environmental stress responsible for accelerated skin ageing. The complexion, once treated, takes on a new healthy glow that is both rejuvenating and attractive. Our reoxygenating detox treatment, which lasts about 80 minutes, eliminates pollutants and toxins while giving an energy boost to your skin. In just over an hour, your face will regain its vitality and freshness. With our new Sothys facial care treatment that stimulates cellular respiration, your face will be ready to withstand the rigours of fatigue and pollution.

This new relaxing breath of fresh air that leaves the skin glowing is offered at a price of €110. Don’t wait any longer. Do your face a favour and discover this treatment at the Spa by Sothys of the Relais Malmaison every day from 09:00 to 21:00.


Let your friends and family benefit from our sponsorship offer

Have you already enjoyed the benefits of our Spa? By sponsoring one of your loved ones you will both benefit from one month on the membership card and a 20% discount on the card and the products for sale onsite. Becoming a member of the Relais de la Malmaison gives you access to facilities and care that you will soon be unable to do without. Why not come with your loved ones and enjoy all the benefits of the Spa together?



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