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In the Relais kitchen garden, gastronomy is synonymous with ecology

In the Relais kitchen garden, gastronomy is synonymous with ecology

This season heralds a great new step forward for the Relais de la Malmaison! Our charming hotel set in two hectares of parkland on the outskirts of Paris has conceived and created an aromatic kitchen garden that is 100% organic and environmentally friendly! Discover the delights of the Potager du Relais (Relais kitchen garden) when you sit down to a meal in our restaurant, the Terrasses du Relais...


The vegetable garden is our chef's dream

Vegetable gardens have become very fashionable and the phenomenon has now spread from the countryside into the cities and even luxury hotels have been caught up in the ‘grow your own’ fervour. This phenomenon developed in the United States in the 90s when some large restaurants began to develop vegetable gardens on their rooftops to grow their own produce and include it on the menus offered to their customers. Our restaurant’s newly developed Potager is our response to the challenges of sustainable development and the new concept of urban agriculture. The Relais Malmaison can now offer locally sourced ingredients for a cuisine and terroir that combine gastronomy and eco-responsibility.

Our chef Yohann Plastre has finally realised his dream of setting up his own kitchen vegetable garden at the Relais. It’s a true pleasure for him to regularly visit the Potager of the Relais Malmaison to harvest the aromatic plants that flavour his creative cuisine, the vegetables that serve as side dishes and the ingredients he combines into delicious salads. His tasty, bistro-inspired menu is the result of great talent and restless creativity, but also of organic raw ingredients of unequalled quality. Fragrant, colourful and enchanting, the Potager, hidden behind the hotel, is filled with good things maintained with passion and ripening every day. A great diversity of seasonal vegetables grows alongside the aromatic plants in this beautiful and 100% organic garden. At the Relais Malmaison we attach the greatest importance to highlighting the unmatched flavour of these natural ingredients and sharing them with you, our guests.




The ecological approach of the hotel and the restaurant

Anxious to protect the environment, the management of the Relais Malmaison strives to minimise its impact on nature, proving that ours can be a luxury hotel and, at the same time, be considerate of the environment. Nestled in a verdant ​​two-hectare green space, the hotel has implemented several actions in the direction of sustainable development while also ensuring the well-being and satisfaction of its guests.

Our eco-responsible approach takes root in the greenery all around us. Plants were not chosen at random but for their capacity to absorb hydrocarbons and their ability to purify the air naturally. Along with those already present on the site, they allow us to maintain the cleanliness of the soil and the air thanks to phytodegradation.

At the Relais Malmaison we are also aware that water is a vital resource that must be conserved. Our hotel spa, with its heated swimming pool, whirlpool spa, steam room, Jacuzzi and sauna, is equipped with rainwater and wastewater systems that consume less energy and protect the environment.

Our partnership with Aquachiara, a company specialising in micro-filtration of water, allows us to transform water unsuitable for consumption into high quality, filtered and certified drinking water onsite. You will have the pleasure of tasting this water, derived from a process approved by the Ministry of Health, in our gourmet restaurant, at the bar or in your room.

Our ecological approach is also demonstrated by the five hives installed by our beekeeper partner. During your stay you will have ample opportunity to sample this delicious and completely natural honey. We also use low-energy bulbs, work only with environmentally friendly suppliers, and choose only recyclable products.

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