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Experience the Summer Sports Event at Hotel Le Relais de la Malmaison

Experience the Summer Sports Event at Hotel Le Relais de la Malmaison

The summer sports event is fast approaching, and excitement is palpable throughout the French capital. Just a few kilometers from the main sports venues, Hotel Le Relais de la Malmaison has been exclusively transformed into the Orange Village and privatized by a Dutch delegation. Offering a unique combination of comfort, first-class amenities, and proximity to the sports events, Hotel Le Relais de la Malmaison is the ideal choice for those who want to fully experience the event.

An Unexpected Discovery and Ideal Location

Located only 8 km from the Yves-du-Manoir Olympic Stadium, 4 km from the Defense aquatic center, and 10 km from Roland Garros, this hotel boasts a strategic location providing easy access to major sites. The hotel's peaceful setting also offers a haven of tranquility away from the urban hustle and bustle.
The discovery of this hotel was the result of meticulous research combined with a stroke of luck. Filtering a list of a hundred hotels by location and amenities, Le Relais de la Malmaison stood out with its large garden and spacious rooms. This fortunate find led to the creation of the Maison de Paris-Bas, a temporary initiative organized by JanHein van de Watering to offer a unique experience during the event.
This transformation was marked by the creation of a new logo, designed by talented students from RooiPannen in Breda. This logo symbolizes the fusion between French elegance and Dutch sporting spirit, reinforcing the hotel's unique identity during this exceptional period.

A Unique Sports Experience

At Hotel Le Relais de la Malmaison, the Dutch delegation can expect much more than just accommodation. In partnership with Team NL, the hotel transforms into a mini-Holland-Heineken House, offering a festive and welcoming atmosphere for sports fans. The hotel's large garden is equipped with two giant video screens where guests can watch the matches live, creating a communal and immersive ambiance.
Each person receives a special polo shirt and a Team NL goodie bag, adding a personal touch to their stay. Additionally, the hotel's spacious orangery is used to host various events, including musical performances, meet-and-greets with former athletes, and sessions for sharing inspiring stories. Everything is set up to make guests feel at home while fully enjoying the sports experience.
Guests can not only watch the competitions live but also participate in discussions led by athletes and sports experts. This creates an environment where the sporting spirit is celebrated at every moment, offering an enriching and memorable experience for all participants.

A Prime Destination for Sports Enthusiasts

Hotel Relais de la Malmaison attracts a diverse clientele, from athletes' parents to passionate fans, and companies such as Hema and Beequip, which have booked rooms for their employees and partners. Notable guests include former athletes like Ronald Jansen, the former goalkeeper of the Dutch hockey team and now father of international hockey player Jibbe Jansen.
With 98% of the rooms already booked, the hotel is experiencing great success. A few rooms are still available due to last-minute changes, but they are filling up quickly.
This diversity of guests testifies to the universal appeal of Hotel Le Relais de la Malmaison and its ability to meet the varied needs of its guests. Whether a fervent supporter, a family member of an athlete, or a professional on a trip, the hotel provides an ideal setting to experience the intensity and excitement of the summer sports event.

First-Class Facilities and Services

One of the biggest challenges for the hotel team was organizing facilities such as parking spaces and bike rentals. In partnership with 2Ride.nl, the hotel offers 80 to 90 orange bikes, allowing guests to move around easily. The hotel's facilities also include a swimming pool, a sauna, and a nearby golf course, offering guests various options for relaxation and entertainment.
The detailed event program in the garden ensures flawless organization, allowing guests to fully enjoy every moment of their stay. With its unique blend of comfort, amenities, and proximity to the sports sites, Hotel Le Relais de la Malmaison is the ideal destination to experience the event.
Hotel Le Relais de la Malmaison positions itself as an essential place for sports enthusiasts wishing to live the sporting experience. With its first-class facilities, strategic location, and welcoming atmosphere, Le Relais de la Malmaison offers a unique experience.


 Relais de la Malmaisonan exceptional setting near Paris

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