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Discover the sweet taste of honey just outside Paris

Discover the sweet taste of honey just outside Paris

Nestled amidst the verdant splendour of a wooded park, the Relais de la Malmaison is the perfect hotel if you’re looking for somewhere to stay in a chic and relaxed atmosphere. This 4-star establishment in glorious natural surroundings is close to many green spaces as well as being adjacent to the Seine. Here we are deeply committed to protecting the environment. This commitment is shown in our quest for natural goodness, in which we have opted for a unique collaboration with our good friends, the honey bees. This enables us to offer a breakfast treat that will appeal to everyone who loves the pure taste of nature’s bounty!

The secrets of an ancient practice

They say it is the nectar of the Gods; a symbol of love, gentleness, happiness and even longevity. Honey has been known and prized for its healing properties since ancient times. In Greece it was offered to the gods of Olympus as a beverage called Ambrosia, combining this delicious natural product with milk. The Hebrews and the Egyptians would use it to moisten the lips of their new-born children.

This divine nectar could not exist without the wondrous phenomenon of bees foraging and flying from flower to flower, attracted by the fine droplets of sugar-rich flower nectar, which they ingest and take back to the hive. During this process the bees also pollinate the flowers, thereby facilitating the reproduction of plants. At the heart of the hive, bee activity then goes into full swing to develop this miracle food that has so many recognised health benefits. To produce 1 kilo of honey, the bees have to visit 5 million flowers in a radius of 3 km, at a speed of 30 kilometres per hour! Add to this the thousands of shuttle runs between the hive and the flowers, and you have a remarkable work of immense benefit to us all... 

The beehives of the Relais de la Malmaison offer a 100% natural product

The Relais de la Malmaison embraces sensitive biodiversity and the protection of the environment, which is why we have our own apiary and benefit from the expert services of Eric Valageas, a beekeeper devoted to nature who is passionate about his job. Thanks to his efforts we have incorporated the bees into our hotel environment. Bees who are too busy working to sting! Our five hives are now well-established, producing a delicious wealth of the ‘foodstuff of a thousand flowers’, which is then served as part of our wholesome and appealing buffet breakfast. This product does not receive any additives or treatment that is not in accordance with the legislation regarding food purity.


Honey production - Le Relais de La Malmaison hotel


This irresistible amber delight is a polyfloral product of the lightly fragranced flowers, pollinated fruit trees, acacias, limes, and chestnut in the Relais area. The variety of flowers provides the source of its sweet scent, lightness, and the richness of its trace elements.

Starting the day on a note of sweetness

At the Relais de la Malmaison the day begins on a sweet note, but before you even taste the flavour, it is the colour of this nectar that seduces the eye. The uniform and dense hue attracts through a whole range of golds, browns and ambers, with subtle hints of saffron and red. This colouration comes from the flowers, which transmit their natural pigments and tannins.

Then comes the magical moment when you open the jar ... a subtle scent emerges that only fully reveals itself after the initial tasting; an effect that characterises some honeys just as it characterises the finest wines, and which adds immeasurably to your appreciation.

To better relish the flavour of this product, we at the Relais de la Malmaison advise you to take a spoonful in your mouth and crush it slowly between your tongue and palate to awaken the most sensitive taste buds. You then swallow slowly to judge its aroma...


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Le Relais de La Malmaison, a 4 star hotel at the heart of Rueil-Malmaison, a few steps from Paris

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