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An event; the Irina Duquesne and Philipe Dufay exhibition

An event; the Irina Duquesne and Philipe Dufay exhibition

A charming haven of utter tranquillity just fifteen minutes from Paris, the Relais de la Malmaison is a relaxing, soothing and inspiring place. With its vast park, fully renovated orangery and bright and roomy living spaces, the Relais offers the ideal environment in which to present the works of artists. Starting December 17th, the creations of Irina Duquesne and Philippe Dufay will be in the spotlight. A fascinating play of shapes, movements and colours that blend beautifully with the Malmaison and its surroundings.


The Irina Duquesne and Philipe Dufay exhibition; artists to discover

Your Hotel Relais de la Malmaison likes to highlight artists whose aesthetic values ​​it shares. What fascinates first and foremost about the work of Irina Duquesne and Philippe Dufay is the harmony born of materials, movement, colours and shapes. Their paintings on wood play with geometry to create vibrant compositions of bright and satiny colours that both attract and soothe the eye. The apparent simplicity reveals a sense of movement that gives rise to a feeling of astonishment that is constantly renewed. You might think at first that a glance is enough to capture the whole work, but will then find yourself admiring it at length, held almost against your will, and subsequently making new discoveries each time you return to it. For example, ‘Dune’ evokes two soft waves enclosing a gradient of warm hues ranging from honey to deep ochre. There is the sweetness of a family summer on the beach, the soothing rhythm of waves ... and a thousand other things more personal.


Irina Duquesne et Philippe Dufay


An association of two personalities

The exhibition was born from the meeting of two artists, two personalities, two temperaments: Irina Duquesne and Philippe Dufay. One brings to the mix an engineering degree and training at the Beaux-Arts and Ecole du Louvre, while the other has attended classes at the prestigious Boulle school. Today one is an interior designer and decorator, and the other is a layout contractor. In their studio, they create unique pieces that they can integrate into living spaces. The current exhibition dedicated to their work thus plays on the beauty of the Relais de la Malmaison, displaying the artists’ paintings on wood in places where they form a synergistic relationship with their environment, creating a profound impression with their energy.


Irina Duquesne et Philippe Dufay


An original technique

Each work by Irina Duquesne and Philipe Dufay is born from a dialogue between the two creators. An idea, a desire, an inspiration is first transcribed into a sketch that becomes the first draft of the project. Once this is defined, the two artists embark on the process of painting. Each piece is cut, one by one, then carefully painted. The play of colours is indeed at the heart of this process. Finally, these pieces are collected and then fixed to produce the overall composition. The painting so created is a unique work, signed by the artists and named. Thus, the exhibition at your Relais de la Malmaison provides an exceptional opportunity to admire all these compositions, highlighted in this way. Perhaps you might wish to purchase one of these wonders?

When passing through the Relais de la Malmaison from December 17th, please take a few minutes to view the exhibition dedicated to Irina Duquesne and Philipe Dufay! It fits so perfectly into the renovated spaces of the Relais, which also enhance the play of movements, shapes and colours that are so characteristic of the work of the two artists. Don’t miss it!



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